So glad you came. Let me take your coat. Get you a drink. Bend your ear.

This is a place to celebrate, share, and shed some light on the life introverted. And pal, the world has plenty of misconceptions about introverts. Eighty-seven out of 100 people think introverts are shy (according to research conducted in my mind). Even Webster’s defines introvert as “a shy or reserved person.” But introversion and shyness aren’t synonymous. Robin Williams is an introvert. So is Eddie Murphy.  I’ll even go out on a limb here with Dennis Rodman.

Introverts are not by definition unhappy. We laugh, sing, and sometimes hide rotting shrimp shells in a co-worker’s drop-ceiling for the sheer hell of it. Neither are we mentally ill for the most part, if that’s what you’re thinking.

But shy or unshy, sane or insane, there’s one thing all introverts have in common:

People suck the life out of us

Now let me freshen your drink and explain.

Introverts can handle a reasonable amount of social interaction, but we seldom go the distance of the more outgoing extravert*. We don’t get energized by it. Quite the opposite, in fact. Our energy gets sucked dry.  And  extraverts do most of the sucking.

Extraverts are energized by people. They blithely exchange energy with other extraverts all the livelong day. We introverts rely on our own built-in generators to recharge. We do not – and cannot – draw energy from another person. We’re self-energizing. So when the two types hook up (nonsexually speaking), the extravert type powers up while the introvert type drains faster than a junkyard battery. Ross Perot was wrong. That giant sucking sound you hear isn’t NAFTA siphoning jobs out of the country. It’s introverts getting space bagged**. 

A lot of people may find this premise objectionable. Extraverted people, mostly. But that’s a lot. In fact, extraverts comprise up to 75% of humans on the planet. The reason most people think there’s something wrong with introverts is

because most people aren’t introverts.

Ergo this blog. Nothing against extraverts. Some of my best friends are, etc., etc. But in a world full of hail-fellows-well-met, the self-contained people-shunners need to get together once in a while and have a party. A wild, crazy, uninhibited Web bash where no one’s energy gets sucked and all interaction is optional. No introverts will be harmed in the making of this blog. Andy Warhol once said he’d like to sit home and watch every party that he was invited to on a monitor in his bedroom. If you can relate, you’re probably an introvert. Also, by now, any extravert would be off networking, rubbing shoulders and playing team sports.

So take heart, dear reader. If your life force has been depleted after providing the world its daily supply of energy, you’re among kindred spirits.

It’s a wonder there’s enough strength left to blog about it.


*unless there’s gin involved